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    What is your full name?
    And your date of birth?
    Please confirm that you are NOT a USA citizen or resident in the USA for tax purposes? i
    I am NOT a USA citizen/residentI am a USA citizen/resident

    Sorry guys - due to USA laws we cannot applications from USA citizen/residents

    Are you now, or have you ever been, a ‘Politically Exposed Person’, such as a senior military, government, or political official, or closely associated with or an immediate family member of such official? i
    I am NOT a Politically Exposed PersonI am a Politically Exposed Person

    Any applications from Politically Exposed Persons, including any identified by World-Check, will be subject to additional documentation and/or checks to prevent any facilitation of corruption or theft of assets from the people they are supposed to be protecting and serving

    Would you like your pension to be in joint names with someone else, or is it just you? i
    Just meThere’s two of us
    What language would you like your pension documentation and online account access to be in?
    What's your nationality?
    What is your country of residence? i
    What is your passport number?
    Do you have a tax number (or similar, such as a National Insurance number etc) for your country of residence? Please either enter it or state why you don't have one i
    What is your job title? If you're self-employed or a company owner etc, just put that.
    What's the name and address of your employer? (or business/website etc)
    How long have you been working for your employer? (or how long have you self-employed etc)
    What is your annual income? Please also state the currency i
    Do you have any major medical problems or have you ever had an application rejected by an insurance company? i

    Linking One Of Your Bank Accounts

    This serves the dual purpose of complying with anti-money-laundering (AML) regulations, and also being the default bank account for any withdrawals you make in future. You can change the bank account registered at any time via your online login, but you must always have one bank account linked to your pension plan.
    If you are paying into your pension by bank transfer (only available when paying quarterly, half-yearly, or annually – NOT monthly), you must enter the bank account you are sending the money from. If you are paying into your pension by credit or debit card, you can add any bank account in this section as long as it is one held in your own name.
    Bank name and address
    Account number (or IBAN) i
    How long have you held this account? i
    How would you like to fund your pension? We generally suggest credit/debit cards, particularly if you get airline/hotel points or cashback etc from it - you can save up a small fortune in points just by paying into your own pension!

    Bank transfers are fine as long as you are paying annually, half-yearly or quarterly - NOT monthly- and just bear in mind that you will have to cover the bank transfer fees in addition to your pension payment. The bank account to send to will be provided once your pension plan is opened, and is in the name of ITA with HSBC in New York USA for USD payments. Do not send any money until you have received your pension policy number to add to the transaction reference.

    We have received your application!

    Here’s what happens next:

    1) Your savings account application will be processed by us at SavingsForNomads almost immediately. If anything needs checking or confirming, or if any part of your application form is incomplete or unclear, or if you’ve asked for help at any point, we will contact you soon.

    2) When everything is complete (which could be immediately if you’ve completed everything in the application perfectly) we will open your savings account with ITA and you will receive all the details by email to the email address you provided in the application form. You can reasonably expect this to take between 2 to 24 hours.

    3) Please double-check that the information contained in the email is correct, click the button to confirm, and you will then be prompted to set up your personal preferences inside your own online account with ITA at

    Once those 3 steps have been completed, your journey towards increased financial independence has officially begun!

    If at any point you need any help, or want to check anything, just email us at

    Stay in good savings habits, nomad-er what you’re saving up for!

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      * These three values are illustrative, actual returns will vary based on actual investment growth rate